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success Jul 13, 2019

Hi Bosses!

You'll want to see this if you are going for success in your life. It's one of the most powerful things I've come across. (Email subscribers got this last month - they get everything and they get it early. LOL) 

It's from a Time magazine article about a book entitled: Management Tips From Harvard Business Review.

Note: there's a big piece they left out of these instructions. If you do the below (let's call it Part 1) you'll have a great mindset for success. But if you do Part 2 also, that thing or situation you want will come barreling to you through all the variations of possibilities. More on that later.

Part 1:

Your mind is often your greatest tool, but as anyone who has been taken over by fear, frustration, or worry knows, it can also be your greatest enemy. Whether you’re concerned that you don’t have the respect of your peers or that a customer isn’t calling you back because she’s gone to a competitor, overthinking the issue only serves to compound the worry. Instead, pretend you have what you want. Act as if your peers respect you or as if the customer is loyal. These may be fantasies, but what you’re worrying about may be as well. It’s better to stop the worry and act confidently; chances are better that you’ll get what you want.

(The folks at Harvard put it very simply. I'd say that more than simply pretending, to picture yourself with what you want. Imagine yourself hearing, seeing, feeling what you want. Add as much detail as you can. Make it a powerful story that you've stepped into.)

Part 2:

This may seem a little "woo woo", but please take it from someone grounded in science/physics/math/facts (Electrical Engineering) and in the understanding of people (Applied Behavioral Science, Management and Leadership). This next step affects the speed at which you get what you really want.

Apply appreciation. Just like you can choose your attitude, you can appreciate by choice, at will.

Every day when I commute to work, I stop in a specific spot and I look around at the buildings and the sky and the people. I use that time to build a sense of appreciation for what I see and hear.

Without that, my surroundings slide by unnoticed in the big scheme of things. But with that, I realize that I'm standing on a corner on Wall Street, next to a street vendor selling buttered rolls and coffee, with flags flying and people walking every which way. There's an old church up the hill and famous stores just 100 feet away. 

Every spot on earth is like this, whether it's trees or roads, birds or cars. Made by man or made by nature and the passage of time. We notice, we appreciate and we are improved by it.

A healthy dose of appreciation brings the infinite possibilities of life strongly into focus, swiftly into tune. No one knows if it's your subconscious at work, selecting actions and options that align with what you appreciate, or if it's more in the realm of faith-based realities.

Regardless, all goal confusion stops immediately when you take your goals and apply Part 1 (above) and Part 2.

So how do you apply Part 2?

Again, it's really simple. As you imagine having the things you want, as you see yourself having what you want, add-in that you are also appreciating having it at that same time.

Want a new car? Imagine the exact car you want. Imagine yourself - see yourself - getting into the driver's seat while appreciating having the car, appreciating the salesman that showed it to you, appreciating the people behind the source of income that helped you pay for it.  Appreciate while doing, inside your imagining.

The verb tenses get a little tricky here. Like all the best things in life, it's easier to do than to put into words how to do it. Maybe an example will help.

"I'm at the dealer and I'm getting into my new Ford F150 pickup. I have all the purchase paperwork in my hand and putting it down on the seat next to me. I'm snapping in my seatbelt, "Click." I'm so happy! That sales guy was GREAT. And my CUSTOMERS, they are the BEST MOST FANTASTIC people in the world. What a great TRUCK! Look at the ROOM back there! I can put our bikes in there easily. And there are only 2.3 miles on the odometer!  This baby is BRAND NEW!  And BLACK is what I always wanted. It accelerates PERFECTLY. THIS IS SO AWESOME!

See how to add appreciation to Part 1?  It's easy.

Add the details of what you are wearing, what the weather is like, what the people around you are doing, etc. Imagine the laughter you hear, the voices. Go wild with this, it's quite fun. Some people write this down to help them, others meditate while doing it. I think a lot of people just do this while sitting on their couch, or in a carpool, or waiting in line somewhere. It's a big secret that's becoming well known.

What this does is the really amazing part. After you do this, if you are appreciating and envisioning - seeing, hearing, feeling the thing or situation you want, while appreciating - it comes into reality a lot quicker than otherwise. This goes by the term manifesting. But it's fair to say it's been around for 1,000s of years and is likely a part of every religion.

Many of the most successful people reveal this slowly, typically during interviews. It's like a life jacket in turbulent water. It floats you up to the top.

So there you have it. One of Harvard's tips with a little something extra to turbocharge it.

So, what will you be manifesting?

What do you want to make of yourself and your life? What do you want for your kids, your family? How do you want to be treated? With what do you want to succeed? Who do you want to get to know better?

Let me know, or post it in the For Managers Only group.

Brad Hildreth

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