How to start a meeting

meetings Mar 26, 2019

The title of this post is called "How to start a meeting", but it's useful in the middle of a meeting too. And for this, anytime even two people meet, it's a meeting!

Of course it's most effective at the beginning, where it can do the most good.  But I've forgotten more than once and "recovered" by stopping and going through the steps -- sometimes steps 3 and 4 alone are enough when mid-meeting.

Basically, you want to interact at a level of interaction that promotes sharing and the free exchange of ideas. This requires that you get out of the mode of "problems, survival, and head-elsewhere" and into the mode of "constructive interaction".

It's easy to do, really. While there are several methods, the most straightforward is to:

1) Notice something about the room. [Note: The act of noticing is a choice that you make!] You can also notice something or someone in room. This needs to be something that you genuinely notice.

2) Say something about it.   Some...

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