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success Jul 13, 2019

Hi Bosses!

You'll want to see this if you are going for success in your life. It's one of the most powerful things I've come across. (Email subscribers got this last month - they get everything and they get it early. LOL) 

It's from a Time magazine article about a book entitled: Management Tips From Harvard Business Review.

Note: there's a big piece they left out of these instructions. If you do the below (let's call it Part 1) you'll have a great mindset for success. But if you do Part 2 also, that thing or situation you want will come barreling to you through all the variations of possibilities. More on that later.

Part 1:

Your mind is often your greatest tool, but as anyone who has been taken over by fear, frustration, or worry knows, it can also be your greatest enemy. Whether you’re concerned that you don’t have the respect of your peers or that a customer isn’t calling you back because she’s gone to a competitor,...

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